Tech Tools

Welcome to the cool tools page! This lists teacher resources for use in the creation of your own professional learning network. Check them out! Click on the links below. 

What is a professional learning network? 

A personal learning network, or PLN, is a network of resources an individual acquires to build knowledge in personal areas of interest. PLN's consist of fellow educators, field experts, videos, wikis, blogs, social media, and websites, to name a few. Note that PLN's are not strictly digital, and do not have to be centered on technology or education- they are centered around YOUR areas of need and interest. As teachers, our professional learning networks are centered around education.  To learn more about building your own PLN, visit this site

Diigo: A social bookmarking site. Share your bookmarks and access them anywhere! Check out my diigo resources here

Edmodo: An online learning management system for teachers, students, and even parents. Load assignments, connect with other teachers, and engage in collaborative learning activities with your class. 

Pinterest: Believe it or not, it does have educational benefits! Search any topic- I bet you will find resources. Great for consolidating resources: saves tons of time spent visiting multiple sites to find materials. (FYI: this site is blocked at school)

Classroom2.0: The social networking site for technology and web 2.0 integration. Sign up for free! This has TONS of tech resources. 

New Castle Area School District Technology Wiki: This site has a multitude of technology resources for use in the classroom, as well as for professional development. 

Teachers Pay Teachers: If you haven't checked out this site, you're missing out on tons of free and cheap resources for the classroom. 

Teachers Notebook: Another free and low-cost resource site, created by teachers, for teachers. 

CIITS: Stands for Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System. Use this to get assessment resources, particularly for math and reading. 

Peer to Peer University: At this open education site, you can extend learning outside of school walls through community and peer learning. Learn something new, or teach something to others! 

Cool Tools for Schools: Another great web 2.0 resource site. 

Super Teacher Tools: Quick and easy technology resources for use in and outside of the classroom. 

Ed Tech Teacher: This site is organized by learning goals for teachers and students, centered on digital skills. 


Twitter for Teachers This site provides many resources helpful for learning more about using twitter professionally and instructionally. 

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