Daily Links

Welcome to the daily links page! Here you will find links to entry and exit slips and daily tasks. These are mainly for use in class, but if you are absent and want to stay on top of your school work or just want some extra practice, that's ok too!

Week of May 19-23

Monday, May 19

1. Watch these videos for a reminder of volume. You may choose to watch them as a class on the big screen or independently. 

2. Complete this task. Type your answers in a digital document. Take a screenshot of your answer page and email the screenshot. Don't forget to include the correct UNIT in your answer. 

3. Complete this activity if you have additional time. Also try this activity. Send me screenshots for all tasks! 

Week of May 5-9


Week of April 28-May 2

1. Watch this playlist. 

2. Visit this link. Choose 20 problems to start (do more if you have time). Choose "add fractions with unlike denominators". Send a screenshot of your work at the end of class. Be sure I can see your score in the screenshot. 

Week of April 21- April 25


Friday, April 25

Monday, April 21

1. Complete this decimal division activity. Send me a screenshot of your jeopardy board either when you solve all problems OR at the end of class (stop by 9:17 so you have time to do this!). 

2. If you finish, you may spend the rest of your time on Dreambox or Khan Academy. 

Tuesday, April 22

1. First, finish the jeopardy game from yesterday if you did not finish. DO NOT begin a new game- use your screenshot from yesterday to determine which questions still need to be solved. Send a screenshot of your completed game. 

2. Complete the worksheet. If you do not finish, complete the activity for homework. It is due by Thursday. 

3. Spend the rest of your time on Dreambox or Khan Academy. 

Week of 3/17-3/20

1. Watch the video from this link and complete the worksheet that goes along with it. 

2. Check out the helpful poster in Boothby's Bookmarks for Fifth Grade Math (use this shortcut if you want)

3. Then, complete this activity. Email a screen shot of your performance. Make sure I can see your score in the screen shot or you will have to do it over again! Having trouble? Then watch this playlist! 

Week of 3/10-3/14


Click here to complete the Google form that accompanies the 5.NBT.1 problem solving question from this site 

http://www.purposegames.com/game/1672Click here to play the clock game to practice powers of ten. 

Click here to complete the exit slip

Week of 3/3-3/7


Complete activities from this link. Must do activities include: "conversions between thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones", "Determining the number of places the decimal point will move after multiplying by a power of 10", and Determining the number of places the decimal point will move after dividing by a power of 10". Take screenshots of your progress and email them to me at brandi.boothby@eminence.kyschools.us


Hey fifth graders! I'm so sorry I am sick today. Luckily, having the Macs makes things a lot easier and doesn't disrupt the learning process quite as much. Please have a great day and I will see you Monday! Please complete these tasks today. 

1. Watch the 5.NBT.7 playlist on Youtube here. You do not have to watch all of the videos- watch as many as you need to grasp the concept of decimal multiplication. 

2. Complete at least one of the multiplication activities listed here. That includes the activities named: 

3. When you finish one of these activities, take a screenshot of your computer. To do this, hit "shift, command, 3" all at the same time. This will send a picture to your desktop. Leave this picture on your desktop so I can look at in on Monday to see your progress. 

4. If you still have time, you may complete another one of the activities listed in the link above. 

5. Still have more time? You may work on Dreambox, Khan Academy, or another decimal game from the link above (it doesn't have to be multiplication when you are at this point). 

6. Have a question? After asking the substitute for help, you can email me at brandi.boothby@eminence.kyschools.us and I will try to respond quickly. 


2/25 and 2/26

5.NBT.1: Decimal place values

Click here to login to Manga High The school ID number is 134644

Click here for today's exit slip

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